…si chiude un cerchio e se ne aprono tanti altri
This morning a teacher of mine (a gynecologist) ask us to be the control group for a clinical trial she’s doing…we have to let them check our ovarian reserve

i’m a bit nervous to know if i’m fertile or not..I never tried to have baby so will be a total surprise if I’m not…I’m scary about that

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The baby wait…What I am enjoying about being Pregnant.My growing bumpI absolutely love rubbing my bump, watching it grow, knowing it is my baby’s little bubble home and Brad’s face light up when i get undressed and he realises i’ve had a growth spurt.I never realised how much getting fat would excite me. I have managed to gain 2 stone since falling pregnant, My breasts most certainly make up a big percentage of that weight. I don’t care how many stretchmarks i gain or how fat my face, arms and thighs get as long as my baby is growing and is healthy.The kicks and punchesThe first time I felt lucas move was 17 and half weeks, i was on the bus and felt these odd popcorn popping sensations in my stomach, and got all teary and couldn’t believe i felt him, I doubted it but i continued to feel these sensations everyday after that, then they got stronger and more prominent and then we felt it on the outside and Brad got to feel it and it was a wishwashy feeling, now its full on kicks and punches and we lay in bed every night and watch him, it’s incredible, my tummy changes shapes and i just love it! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I’m going to miss it so much after he’s born.People are so generous & KindLucas is so spoilt and lucky! family and friends turn up with gifts, they become protective over the bump and get excited when he moves and want to feel him. Watching my house become a homeWatching my house becoming a home as we place more baby things in here, the cuter it looks and the more it feels right and homely! I love coming home and seeing it all! It’s just so perfect. I love our little home. I cannot wait for a bigger home but for now this does the job with 2 and a half humans :)What things do you girlies love about being pregnant, or loved about being pregnant?
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"I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another."
Divergent (via ourlovelyeyes)

Milky Way VII ➾ Luke Gram
decided to post an old edit I had of that night we drove up to the ski resort to see the milky way. posted a few variants of this but I think this ones my favourite. 
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(by alexstoddard)
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